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What can we do for you?

Barger Lawn Care offers a wide range of services. Below you will see many of the services linked. However, on special occasions we do complete jobs that are not common or listed on here. Please call or fill out a quick quote form if you have any questions.


Lawn Care Services

Mowing– Barger Lawn Care offers a different variety of mowing schedules based on what is best for your property. Contact us for a free estimate. (Ask about our multi-year contract discount.)

Aeration– Aeration allows air to reach the grass root zone and breaks up compacted soil.

Dethatching– This is the process of removing the thatch layer in the turf that chokes out the grass. Dethatching allows your turf to breathe therefore allowing the proper nutrients and water access to the grass.

Leaf Removal– Make your yard look clean for the fall and winter with our leaf removal service.

Over seeding– Thicken up your lawn in the spring or fall with this service. Over seeding also fills in bare spots in the turf.

Sodding– Create an instant lawn without waiting weeks for seed to germinate.


Landscape Services

Bed edging– Barger Lawn Care offers bed edging prior to mulching in order to give your beds a crisp, straight, defining border.

Bobcat work– We can move large loads of sand, gravel, topsoil, fill dirt, or perform other construction projects that require large machinery.

Pruning bushes– This service is performed usually 2-4 times per year or at the customer’s request.

Spring/Fall Cleanup– We will prepare your property for spring and remove winter debris, we will also prepare it for a clean winter dormancy.

Drainage– This service helps to divert water flow so as not to wash out areas. This also prevents standing water and water seeping into foundations.

Mulching– Mulching not only provides a fresh look to your beds, but also is beneficial in keeping in moisture for plants. With pre-emergent applied, this helps prevent future weeds from arising.

Plant Installation– Whether you need to replace a dead shrub, or want a complete landscape design installed, our landscape crew will cater to your individual needs.

Tree Removal and Pruning– Barger Lawn Care is able to prune various shrubs and trees. Our employees are specifically trained in proper pruning by plant species. We also offer tree removal for trees under 15 feet in height. The 15 foot rule also applies to our pruning services.

Computer Simulated Landscape Design – Let our landscape experts take the guess work out of choosing between plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and other landscaping decor by providing a realistic image of your home with the changes before breaking ground.


Snow Plowing and Removal

Snow Plowing & Removal – Allow Barger Lawn Care to completely manage your snow problems. We will plow your parking lots and remove excess snow from piling up.

Salt Application – Our snow plows are equipped with large salt bins that automatically distribute salt while moving. This is the safest measure to protect against ice in the winter.